When you feel the cold handcuffs locked onto your wrists, it can seem like your future is shackled, but Attorney Jon R. Fee is here to help.

You need a lawyer who will fight for your rights aggressively. The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, LLC in Ridgway, Colorado is home to a passionate DUID lawyer. He takes cases dealing with DUI and DUID charges. No matter which charge you're facing, you can depend on him to work toward a favorable outcome.

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Here are three good reasons to retain Jon R. Fee as your DUID lawyer.

1. He knows what law enforcement looks for.

While earning his PhD in neuroscience, Attorney Jon Fee conducted a study using the same alcohol and drug tests that law enforcement officials use in a daily basis to determine if the tests were administered properly or not.

2. DUI offenses can be classified as felonies.

You don't want to jeopardize your freedom by choosing inadequate representation. Hire Attorney Jon R. Fee to stand a fighting chance in court.

3. You must be treated fairly. It's the law.

You may feel everyone looking at you differently after you've been arrested. But Attorney Jon R. Fee will treat you with respect. He'll use every tool in his legal arsenal to fight your charges.

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