Is Your Dispute Getting Out of Hand?

Is Your Dispute Getting Out of Hand?

Turn to an experienced civil litigation lawyer in Ridgway, Montrose & Ouray, CO

If your dispute is becoming too much to manage on you own, call The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, LLC for help. Attorney Jon R. Fee has tried 59 jury trials since he began his law career. As a skilled civil litigation lawyer in Ridgway, Colorado, he can analyze your situation and work toward an effective resolution for all parties involved.

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Don't trust just anyone to help you settle your dispute

When presenting your case before a judge, make sure you have a zealous civil litigation lawyer by your side. Since Attorney Jon R. Fee is no stranger to legal battles, you can depend on him to pursue your interests relentlessly. He can intervene in your:

  • Breach of contract dispute
  • Property dispute
  • Products liability dispute
  • Employment dispute
See how easily you can resolve your dispute. Contact The Law Office of Jon R. Fee today to learn more about civil litigation law.


Even the most careful drivers make mistakes from time to time. When you find yourself being pulled over, with police car lights flashing and the siren blaring, you may find yourself gripped with fear. Attorney Jon R. Fee helps his clients contest speeding and other traffic tickets. In many cases, he is able to get charges for a moving violation reduced to a lower level violation or dismissed altogether. Our ultimate goal will be to have your ticket dismissed outright and to keep any points from appearing on your driving record so that your insurance premiums remain low.

Talk to Speeding and Traffic Attorney, Jon R. Fee to see what your options are today.