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The facts behind a case are rarely found by reading a police report. You need a lawyer who will take the time to uncover the truth and use it to defend your rights. The Law Office of Jon R. Fee, LLC focuses on criminal defense and civil litigation cases in Louisville, KY. No matter what type of legal trouble you're in, you can trust Jon R. Fee to provide you with sound legal guidance.

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Attorney Jon R. Fee practices in many areas of law

When you're not sure what to do next, discuss your options with attorney Jon R. Fee. He handles felony and misdemeanor cases dealing with:

Civil litigation

Criminal defense



Drug charges

Sexual assault

Assault and battery

Domestic violence


Traffic Tickets

Speeding Tickets

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Jon R. Fee earned his license to practice law in 2010. Before starting his own practice, he:

Earned his PhD in Biological Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interned for Colorado judges at both the county and district court levels while studying at the University of Colorado Law School

These experiences granted him invaluable insight into the ways that the Louisville, KY criminal justice system works-including ways that it can sometimes break down. Jon's background in psychology also helps him frame information and point out fallacies in opposing arguments. You can depend on him to use this knowledge to your advantage.

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